Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Let's talk art

We are in the process of hanging art on the walls.  You've seen my mother's house and how she packs her walls full of eye candy.  I would do the same except I have more walls than she does.  And not enough stuff.  So I have to make do.

Our "art collection" is eclectic.  We've been lucky to have been given a few things by our artist friend Carol Scott. And the rest I've acquired over the past decade.

Wanna see what we got? Of course you do!  You read here because you want to see inside other people's houses.  I know, I get it. I do the same thing.  So here's some of our collection.  I'm including snapshots that help put the pieces in perspective because size can be difficult to judge from photos.  I didn't really want to include the extra photos, not because I want to be unhelpful, but because my house is a disaster area in some spots.  We're still moving in, three months later.  Owell, here goes.

For now this is hanging in the family room.  Great inspiration when I've had it up to here with the kids!  And aren't you jealous of those walls?  Really classy.

You've seen this before in the dining room.  We've moved some furniture around, making the painting look better right side up.

This one is my favorite of Carol's.  She thought that the baby looks like our little girl Winslow, red head and all.  It's hanging in the master bedroom.  And it's quite large.

Yeah, we got it at Ikea when we were staging our old house for sale.  We thought the naked fetus might be a little too avant garde for our neighborhood.  But we won't be seeing boring flowers for long...you'll have to wait until I finish my next project to see the glorious replacement.

A Richard Sloan signed print.  Not really worth very much, but certainly collectible.  Needs a new frame.

This is one of my favorites.  My mom bought it for me from Andrew Dycus in 2001, right before we moved from Memphis. I went to church with him when I was little and met him again in college.  Makes me happy to see that he is still doing his artist thing because I love this painting.  I took one look, said it reminded me of La Boca in Buenos Aires.  Turns out that was the inspiration!  If you ever hear of art speaking to someone, this is a great example of that.  And don't worry, it doesn't talk to me.  Not very often, that is.  Today, though, it told me that I needed a haircut. Ok, thanks.

My mother gave me this one, too. I love the colors.

Seated lady number two.  Purchased for almost nothing at Good Juju in the Westbottoms area of Kansas City.  It's unsigned, but I'm sure it'll be on Antiques Roadshow in 100 years because it's worth millions.  By the way, I've already looked inside all the frames of all my pieces to make sure there aren't any copies of the Constitution hidden in there.  No luck.

Now that you've seen 'em, I know exactly what you're thinking.  Why are the photos so dull?   Because a child must've put greasy fingers on the lense. Next question.  Why the hell are these paintings hanging where they are?  It makes no sense to hang them so high (or so low or whatever)?  Well, Georgette, for now, we're just keeping them off the floor because we have three tropical storms who live with us named Katie, Winslow, and Drew.  Hooks were already up on the wall, so we put the pics on 'em.  Slow your roll. Calm it on down.  It'll be okay.  

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