Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I've missed you...

We've all been sick.  Croup, colds, jungle rot, yellow fever, just fill in the blank.  I held Drew for 6 straight days while he recovered and managed to mess up my left shoulder again, and then I got the crud myself on Monday.

The only one happy as a clam is this stinker:

Do you like my Danish Kringle mustache?
Katie goes to preschool four days a week, is exposed to tons of germy little kids, and yet has only complained of a minor runny nose.  She's been helpful, cooperative, and generally pleasant.  Thank goodness for five year olds.

The rest of us have been eating cookies for breakfast and too many chicken nuggets for lunch, watching lots of Netflix (thank you, Disney, for making your movies available streaming.  I may not like Alice in Wonderland, but the kids sure do), moaning and groaning a lot.

I did type up a post for Broke Monday and realized I was boring even myself, so I won't subject you to it.  Instead, you get another photo of happy times.

May we return to health quickly.


  1. There are some nasty bugs going around, for sure. You're kids are so dang cute!!

    I hope you all feel better VERY soon!!



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