Monday, June 25, 2012

All the credit goes to Winslow

Y'all know I tend to avoid most parenting topics because honestly, there are plenty of folks out there who have lots to say about what we should and should not be doing (most of whom are usually *way off* in my experience).  But I thought I'd share what's happened in our family that could help you if you've got little kids in the house.

Winslow has potty-trained herself.  The past week has gone beautifully, beginning with her throwing a fit over wearing a diaper.  So except for our road trip Saturday, she has been diaper-free, even at night.

The lesson?  That kids do things in their own time.  Remember how Katie was 3.99999 years of age before finally getting on board?  Well, Winslow is only 2.5, and we hadn't really begun to think about potty training. She initiated everything and made what could've been a very time-consuming (for me) and frustrating (for both of us) experience very easy.

Mind of her own, that child.
Now I know why some people are so smug about their kids not using diapers anymore.  Many are taking credit for something that probably would've happened anyway.  I learned long ago that my children are influenced by me, but certainly aren't under my control 100%, and they are their own people.  I don't parent the kids differently and yet they are miles apart in personality and temperament.  But I've been mocked and laughed at and told I'm a lazy mother for not forcing the toilet on the kids. Even well-meaning folks' brags about how easy it was felt like stabs to the heart since with Katie, our earlier attempts had been miserable and had resulted in total failure.  Thank goodness I'm over that now and can move on to turning my kids into musical prodigies and wiffle ball experts.

For Drew-baby, I'm sure we'll take the same laissez-faire approach, and I'm also sure we'll still be told we're late to the party and that he'll be calling me to wipe his bottom from his dorm room in college.  I will just smile and change the subject to things like third-world dictators since that's much more interesting and relevant.

As for dangerous thinking, I am allowing myself to fantasize about not buying diapers again until my children have their own children.  It might happen in the next year since Winslow is so close in age to Drew. And then I'll be rich with all the extra money I'm not spending on diapers!  And there'll be nothing more to worry about ever again since all that matters is perfect toilet training!  Oh, the possibilities.

P.S. Don't worry, I won't talk about potty-training again anytime soon, although I might talk about my new toilet, which is the most awesome throne ever to be shat in.


  1. Some people suck. That is all.

  2. Hello, there! I found you through Educated & Poor. (I got tickled at your comment (and was curious about your kitchen) and followed your link.) What I found was a post that took me back many years to my son's potty training. Ah to turn the clock back to those wonderful years when my son was small. Your post is delightful, and I really enjoy your sense of humor.

  3. I found you on the Bloggy Olympics. Just commented on your blue paint. Decided to read more of your posts and now I want to CONGRATULATE you on being so smart about potty training. My youngest of 4 is 21, and all 4 of them were potty trained when THEY were ready, not ME. Which resulted in overnight success!!! No "accidents". No stress. I've never understood why something so simple is so hard for some people.


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