Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kitchen Beams: From Dark to Shiny

Our kitchen has been in stasis for a few months.  In fact, our entire family has been in stasis in the basement while we wait for the spaceship to arrive at the alien planet, but that's beside the point (I'm currently blogging while unconscious).  The kitchen has looked like dees for quite some time now.


For Christmas, though, Ryan got me a great present.  Can you figure out what it is?


Oops.  Wrong angle.

Yes!  He painted the beams!

So much better.  The whole room feels brighter. The ceiling doesn't suffocate me anymore.

Sure, you can still see a few stains popping through the paint, but I'm not unhappy about that.  Adds some personality and depth.

And speaking of personality, did you notice the lovely china my Mother-in-law Nancy brought us over the holidays?  It belonged to her mother.  Love the coffee pot especially.

We got six full place settings in addition to these extras.  Except four bowls which somehow disappeared into the ether. Perhaps they're in stasis, too.

A reminder where we started:

Sigh. Now onto painting the cabinets.

So I made out like a bandit this Christmas.  And we're getting closer to finishing this room with some cabinet paint (quite necessary--doesn't it look like I have two different kitchens? The cool kitchen and the warm kitchen?).

Did you get anything awesome this year?


  1. It does look SO MUCH BRIGHTER! Are the cabinets going to be white too?

  2. Yippee! Something to check off the to-do list. That light fixture sure is pretty, too.

    1. Thanks! My father gave it to me. It was salvaged from an older building.


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