Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Coolest Dad on Earth

Happy Father's Day to the few dudes who stop by here.  Ryan's off enjoying a motorcycle safety course today, and the kids and I are waiting on the grass to dry off a bit.

Did you hear Ryan's good news?  He'll be starting a new job, I mean, *career* next week.  After eight years in technical writing, he's making a move into IT.  And he was recently accepted in the Master of Science in IT at University of Kansas, starting in the fall.  He's thrilled, I'm thrilled, the kids are unimpressed.  Only downside is that explaining his job will be a tad more complex now. Rather than being able to point to an owner's manual as an example of his work, he'll have to make weird Matrix references and throw in a few opaque acronyms that will confound more than explain.  Personally, I have no idea what he'll be doing now, although I've heard the word "Linux" thrown in.  That'll have to do for now.  (As a side note, I've been reading the Hyperion series, and perhaps I'll just tell everyone Ryan's part of the TechnoCore. Or maybe he's a Cybrid? Shoo, at least he's not the Shrike.)

Anywho...We are proud of you, Ryan!


  1. Hey, that's me!

    Who are these dudes stopping by? Do I need to start asking the kids about "mommy's special friend"?

  2. Congrats to Ryan on being accepted into that program! Very exciting.


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