Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kitchen Backsplash

You know how we took out our old kitchen hood and ended up with a hole in the wall?  And you know how it's been like that for nigh unto 18 months?

We've finally remedied that.

Here's a little progression of our stove area:

The original Kenmore range circa 1983.

Post new range installation.

Finally! The hole is covered!
We have spent two years debating what to do about this laminate backsplash.  And by we, I mean that *I* have been arguing with myself.  Should I demolish it? Should I paint? Tile? 

All three options were problematic.  Taking the laminate down would result in having to redo the wall behind it.  Our budget doesn't allow for that right now. Painting it would present other challenges, and tile might not stick that well. Plus, I didn't want to labor that hard over this small project, mainly because there shall come a day when we renovate the entire kitchen. 

I had seen this faux tin tile at Home Depot and fixated on it.  It's glued onto the wall and costs $20 a sheet.  I looked into vintage (and real) tin, but the cost was often exorbitant, and the pieces looked difficult to work with. So faux we went.  And I'm very pleased.

Our biggest challenge was that nothing was square about this space (really? our house is kind of out of whack? who knew??), so there's a bit of stretching and fussing with the trim on the right side of the stove to make up for it.  From most angles, though, it looks perfect.


  1. Great solution! Nice egg beater, too.

  2. I love it! I've seen that stuff before and always thought it a bit pricey for a whole backsplash, but definitely reasonable if you're just doing a small spot.

    I have almost the exact same beater. :)


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