Thursday, November 14, 2013

Magical Transformations

Remember how I said change is a-comin' to The Kiefer Cottage?  Well, it's finally underway.  Take a look at the wondrous work that's been taking place here.  You'll be more amazed if you look at the photos and read along. Out loud. At your desk at high volume.


We now have a 200 amp, totally up to snuff electrical box.  There are no frightening illegal fixtures or junctions anymore.  I have been sleeping a lot better since this was done, especially after two electricians who don't know each other told us our box was the worst they had ever seen.  These guys aren't 20 year old apprentices, either, so I assume it really was that bad.


We have a new front stoop that isn't falling down!


Shiny new windows that operate correctly and actually lock.


A lovely new garage door that isn't rotting!


The awnings are on their way out.  The light has been amazing.  See how our living room is no longer a cave.

The only sad thing about this is our pumpkin who just couldn't keep his head up any longer.  He'll soon be getting warm in the compost pile and his soul will live on in the garden.

This is where we started.  The siding is getting a face lift in the next week, so more to come!


  1. It's looking better and better! Be sure and post it with the new siding, so we'll recognize it the next time. What color did you chose for it?

  2. I clearly see the work of worker elves all hopped up on Lucky Charms. This cannot be the work of a mere mortal.

  3. Holy crap, you guys have been BUSY. I wish you had a before picture of your electrical panel, for some reason I like to see those types of monstrosities.

  4. I love your blue living room! Thinks are looking great!


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