Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our New Master Bedroom

A few months ago, we switched bedrooms with the girls.  We didn't need 500+ square feet, and I was tired of toys being everywhere in the house, so they've been enjoying loads of space upstairs while we have the tiny bedroom.   I wanted our new bedroom to be calm and dark, helpful in inducing sleep, something that we needs loads of.

Without further ado, here it is:

You see, the bed isn't on the floor anymore!  We bought a short mattress platform since we have relatively low ceilings in this house.

I found these matching bedside dressers at the vintage markets in West Bottoms.  They're kitschy but not overly so.  And Ryan likes the nod to cars.  Since we have a tiny closet in this room, the dressers provide a little extra space for clothing.

We finally have a place for the huge mirror I bought four years ago.  The dresser my Mother-in-law gave us a few years ago looks great in that space.

Hasn't this room come a long way?

What's next?  I'd like larger, more interesting lamps on the bedside dressers, and maybe something on the wall on both sides.  And we need window coverings that aren't roller shades (which I removed for this photograph).  But this room is close enough to finished that I don't feel much urgency.

I'm loving the dark color, which is Glidden Duo in Martha Stewart's "Anvil" found at Home Depot.  It's a dark grey blue, and it helps keep us asleep in the morning.  Sometimes, that ain't good, but I'm not complaining. Upstairs we were awakened by the sun at 545 in the summers, so our love cave is such a nice departure from that.

This is my favorite room in the house.


  1. So pretty! I love a dark bedroom and that rug is amazing!

  2. I love dark blue bedrooms! And you could totally rock tall vintage brass lamps on the bedside tables.
    Mother-in-law dresser is perfect there, and good idea buying a low platform so you can jump on the bed more easily. :)

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