Monday, July 18, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Greetings. We've been "on vacation" the past two weeks, which means we're exhausted and in need of rest.  Ryan drove the family 2800 miles, and yes, I've notified the Pope to start the canonization process on his behalf. Sure, he's not dead (yet), but I'm sure all that driving took a toll.

Of course, this trip has left the house in the same state of chaos in which we left it.

So I'm interrupting our usual fare for this PSA on an extremely important topic.


For years, I've slathered on poisonous aluminum-based products to keep the stinkage at bay.  While at the Hyvee recently, though, I decided to venture into the natural deodorant world.

I thought, 'Ello gov'nuh.  Step in time over to the bloomin' toilet aisle.  

What a lovely array of products.  I'm sure they're all great. But I only had one concern: Price.

Blimey!  I'll be righ' gobsmacked at'eez prices!  8 quid?  9 quid?  For that price, this bloody stuff better be edible! And more scrum-diddly-umptious than the Queen's own crumpets. 

Oh, as you can see, I think in a British accent.  Preferably that of Dick van Dyke from the masterpiece "Mary Poppins".

Ah, just 2 quid.  That'll do, pig. That'll do.

So I picked up Herbal Clear natural deodorant.  And made my merry way home.

The family's time at the beach tested this product's limits.  Sadly, it failed the test.

Crikey! (A little Crocodile Hunter never hurt anyone either) That mate stinks! Oh, bugger... that's me.  No wonder me mates been keepin' upwind on the shore. Even with a stout breeze, these pits could knock 'em on their bums.

Turns out that 2 quid can't buy functional natural deodorant, just like a spoonful of sugar doesn't actually help the medicine go down. It takes a whole pound.

Or ten.

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  1. Kathleen here- I've personally found that secret's gel formula is a winner. I'm sure it's going to give me cancer...but my pits smell like a tropical breeze.


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