Sunday, July 24, 2011

A souvenir worth keeping

This year's trip to Florida ended with a few days' worth of seafood bingeing.  We had a great time scarfing down fresh shrimp, fish, and my personal favorite, oysters.  The family spends a week a year on St. George Island, which is right next to one of the richest oyster beds in the nation: Apalachicola Bay.  So leaving without a good oyster fest is downright shameful.  Our new landlocked locale in Kansas City also makes for supreme motivation to gorge ourselves on the fruits of the sea.

But every year we go, I vow to find a souvenir that will last.  I hate tchotchkes, and while t-shirts are OK, they just don't have much stamina, especially now that my t-shirt collection is down to a few overused rags that I wear twice a week.  So I go home empty-handed every trip.

Leaving St. George this year, though, was quite satisfying because I found a fantastic way to commemorate our visit: ART.

And of course, it says just about everything you can about our trip to the panhandle.  We ate.

We found this fun print at The Bowery Art Gallery, founded and run by local artists in Apalachicola.  And now it's hanging in our dining room.

I love how the piece is framed. Playful.  Not anything like me.

Of course, this piece of art is free.  Glad we took him home, too.


  1. I love that - when you get tired of it, I will get it out of your way

  2. Ummm, the painting, not the baby


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