Thursday, February 9, 2012

Advice, Good and Otherwise

Several things were brought to my attention recently. In no meaningful order, we're famous (again), our fan was ravenous for a post, I would be well "rewarded" for painting our fireplace, but I would never ever be rewarded again if I didn't write a post.

AHEM. So, here I am. Let us proceed.

Firstly, Betsy Speert responded to Starr's plea for kitchen redecoration ideas on her blog. Her suggestion to do precisely what we'd already decided to do paint was carefully considered as we gazed upon our freshly painted kitchen walls. In spite of the fact that Starr insisted I'd never paint again after the last paint job, I'll give you three guesses who did the majority of this work. Since I paint even sloppier than I write, Starr has to inspect my work to find and correct any drips or streaks before things get too sticky.

Painted. For the un-initiated, that phallic device is a Yonanas machine that
does indeed turn bananas into ice cream.
I took other pictures showing the whole friggin' thing, but the room was so insanely messy that I thought I might get punched in the teeth if I posted it on the web. Clean up? Not happening this late. Just know that there's no fake wood panel left unpainted in the kitchen!

The fireplace, on the other hand... it's a work in progress.

Okay, I lied about posting pictures of the whole mess.
I forgot to take a picture of the fireplace by itself.
Sorry, Starr!
The "bricks", as I'm certain Starr's already enlightened you, are actually tiles. Tiles. Tiles that are all textured to add to the authenticity, and thusly a severe pain in the wrist to paint, which makes it much more difficult to paint two days in a row. At least every fifth "brick" is a proper pain to properly paint. It'll be a while before I get to touch a boob again.

Finally. Here's a cat picture.

Don't be fooled by the innocent "Brrrrrrrt?" look. He's a very bad kitty.
He's also currently keeping my feet warm.


  1. so cool you have a fireplace IN your kitchen!! it looks like brick...good luck painting..and cleaning!
    I am your newer follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. Thanks for the cat picture. No bad kitties, unless he ate your fat squirrel, but I guess that would make Starr happy.

    1. I won't be happy until the squirrels are fat enough for a world record. Reminds me, I've been meaning to put some pound cake out for them. Wonder if they drink beer?

  3. Hello - I am your newest LF Follower from TheStuffOfSuccess - please follow me back. Have a terrific evening.

  4. I think I got y'all followed now. Whew, I think I'm breaking a sweat visiting all these blogs. Nice to see different faces.

  5. Hi! Newly following from the Linky hop. Never one to leave my two cents out, I do have a suggestion for the "brick". 2 coats of BIN or Kilz, 2 coats of paint (water based semi-gloss) and a REALLY nappy roller. What the hell does this lady know, you may ask? Our home is 143 years young and we've been there, done that. Just sayin'.

    Love to have you stop by and say hello. If you'd like to follow back that'd be cool too!

  6. I found you through the blog hop. I'm a linky follower. Stop by and check me out.

  7. Visiting from the Linky Followers Blog hop. Now Following your cute blog...would love for you to follow back:>

  8. Love this post ! Good luck with that fireplace! I found you via Linky Hop . Now following . Hope you have time to visit and follow back if you like :)


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