Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring, Snow, then Spring again

Earlier this week, we got our first "major" snow of the 2011/2012 winter season.  Almost three inches.  Considering last year we had boatloads more snow, this storm was pretty measly. However, it was perfect for snow play, and the greatest thing?  It all melted the next day!

Katie has been waiting for snow for months now.

This was Drew's first time walking in snow. He loved it!

The perennial good sport, Winslow.
Poor thing took about 20 minutes to figure out those mittens.

The snowball maker was a big hit.

After about 30 minutes and a few face plants, Drew was ready to go inside.
To get that damn pink hat off.
Now, before you crazy snow fanatics give me a hard time about the snowball maker, let me tell you it was great.  Scoop the snow, close the mold, and you had a perfectly compact snowball.  It was a gift for Christmas. Maybe next year, we'll use it more than once.  If it makes me a dumb southerner to like it, so be it. I've been called worse, like "margarine-lover".  That was a dark time in my life in comparison.

Today, the weather is so good it's hard to believe we had snow on the ground so recently. We've started work on the raised beds (if you look behind the red swing, you'll see some of our early efforts).

What's that? My potting benches in use?  Expect some more about heirloom seeds soon.  And possibly an entry about steaming compost.  If that doesn't excite you, I don't know what will.  It made my skin tingle with delight!

So there we go from snowing to growing in a matter of days.  Love the Midwest. Seriously, Kansas is kind of awesome if you ignore the political crazies and religious fanatics. Of course, my mere presence should be enough to justify calling the state fabulous.

P.S.Ryan deserves a beer for all the work he's done today.  Anybody wanna bring him one?

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  1. I still remember and often think of (mainly because I had never been asked before and usually when I'm driving looking at the countryside.) when you visited and asked why we stayed in Kansas. :)

    But, it's level of awesome was bumped up when you fine people came to town.


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