Sunday, November 11, 2012

Man, I'm Broke Monday: Buying a table that'll last

There have been times in my life when I've felt that buying an "assemble yourself" piece of furniture was a good idea.  Or when it's been better to buy a new, cheap piece because I needed it ASAP and knew there weren't many alternatives for me (like a futon).

But when it came to filling this space in the kitchen, I knew that I needed to take my time and search for a good value, which meant purchasing something that would withstand some roughhousing by the kids or even a cross-country move if necessary, without breaking the bank (no, we're not planning on moving anytime soon, but it could happen. You just never know!).

See that huge space?  Couldn't have some teeny tiny table there.
So where did I go? To the vintage furniture markets held every month on the west side of town.  You never know what you're going to get, so it can take months to find the right piece. I searched up and down and all around while the kitchen space sat empty.  We ate in our cramped dining room in the meantime (you can see our other lovely table on that post).

Last year, though, I found just the right table.  When I laid eyes on it, I knew it was right.

Country, pocked, but solid.

And the perfect size for our enormous kitchen.

Reminded me of this table (and many others I've seen in catalogs lately):

Benchwright Reclaimed Wood Extending Dining Table - Wax Pine finish
Pottery Barn Reclaimed Wood Table
The one I bought is also made of reclaimed wood, although it was the painstakingly faux'd with layer upon layer of paint and distress.

And rather than $1700 on sale, my table cost less than $250.

I've had friends ask to buy it from me, others say it's their favorite piece in the house. My mother sent me an article on Ellen DeGeneres's home (which I think has been put on the market since then) and highlighted their barnwood table, declaring that mine was obviously better looking.  So I think I did good.

Sure, the table isn't perfectly level in all spots, but that's a result of the inconsistencies in the wood. And the finish on it has withstood plenty of abuse from the family.  Couldn't ask for much more. A lovely table I love looking at every day that doesn't require special treatment or a payment plan from the local furniture mart.

It's usually worth it to take your time looking for quality used pieces of furniture--you'll probably save money in the short run and most definitely will in the long run.

Shared at Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday.


  1. What a lovely, solid looking table! You can't buy things like that these days, at least not without spending way too much money.

  2. I love that kitchen! Plenty of room and even a fire place! I am extremely jealous. The table is great. Nice and sturdy and has plenty of character. New follower here and on Twitter!

  3. I. Adore. That. Table.

    But, you already knew that! :-) It's one of a kind and so beautiful! Just like YOU!!



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