Monday, February 18, 2013

A Little Boy's Bedroom {Before}

My little Drew baby is growing up.

He loves his crib, but he's starting to climb out of it, so it's time to upgrade to a larger bed.

His sweet crib has served him well.  And now it will be passed on to another baby.

You might notice that the walls are bare, and that everything's pretty plain.  I'm not keen on too much baby decoration--it's often expensive, and not to my taste.  Also, I didn't want to go hog wild only to have to redo it all once he was out of the baby stage (FTR, he says he's a "big baby" and not a "big boy".  I told him that big babies usually don't speak so clearly.  He told me that I'm silly and have stinky butt).

But I think this bed (pictured below) is tad too bare, no?

The sheet is on merely to protect the mattress until I've made a purchase of new sheets.

We have a matching footboard we're hoping to get on there.  It'll take some improvisation, though.

The headboard was my grandmother's, and I'm so happy to pass it along to Drew.  We already had a bed frame, so our only major purchase was the mattress (purchased at Macy's on close-out.  It's the nicest mattress in the house, but cost the least).

This beautiful blanket will be the base of departure for the room.  My mother and I bought it in Portugal when I was in high school, and I love the bold colors.  It's very heavy--I'm not sure how we even got it home on the plane--made of a thick and strong material.

I'm not sure, though, what else we'll do in here. I know I won't be adding lots of "neutral" since the walls are already a gray blue.  If I added anything too light, it would be lost in the sea of pale.  And anyway, I have one light room in the house. That's enough for me.

Any ideas?  I need some sheets, a bed skirt, and something else to pack some punch, just not sure what.


  1. I LOVE that blanket from Portugal ... what about a room in all shades of blues and golds ... that might work.

    And how fun to have a generational headboard! You're off to a great start. (And see, no paneling in this room) :)

  2. The headboard is beautiful. The blanket looks like a good inspiration piece, too. Oh, and I love Portugal.


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