Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finishing the Living Room

 Lookie what we're up to:

And by "we", I mean Ryan.  It's his reward for kicking ass on the GRE recently (yes, he kicked some serious ass).  I'm so generous with my man.

No, we're not practicing a new form of furniture staging that involves shoving everything to the middle of the room.  We're tackling the leftovers from my wild "let's get these ugly ceiling tiles down" frenzy. That may or may not have happened recently.  Or maybe I mean during the Olympics last summer.  Yes, last summer.  

We've only gotten away with it because the few friends and family who've come by more than once are very forgiving, and the rest of our visitors have been one and done (it's easy to tell a workman we're in the "middle of a renovation").  

There are holes to be filled and then sanded, beams to be painted, uh, what else?  Whatever, Ryan'll take care of it. Just in time for our Mardi Gras party on Monday.  Can't wait to share our first completed room.


  1. Hurrah! Can't wait to see it finished.

  2. That's a nice blue - blues can be hard. My kitchen is a great example, but I don't hate it enough to change it yet. Also, I kinda like the look of the ceiling being white and natural wood.


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