Thursday, July 25, 2013

Neighborhood Happy Hour

Remember how I said I was going to start reaching out to my neighbors more, especially the ones I don't know?  Yeah, I've been a bit behind on that.  I had great intentions this spring, but the weather was rainy every weekend.

But this weekend, it's supposed to be a bit cooler than usual, so we're doing it. Invites go out today.  We'll have beer and snacks. Maybe some punch because I just love sherbet and ginger ale.  If you're a friend in KC, drop by if you'd like!

Sunday Happy Hour
Let’s be neighborly this weekend!
Sunday July 28, 2013
On the parched front lawn of Starr and Ryan Kiefer (plus kids Katie, Winslow, and Drew)

1.       But I don’t know my neighbors! Why should I attend?
Wouldn’t you like to meet more of your neighbors?   We live in Neighborville, not Everyman-for-himself-ville!

What if you’ve fallen and you can’t get up?  You can’t always call cousin Wilbur over in Independence to come help—why not call your neighbor instead? 

What if you need an extra loaf of tofu, but your deadbeat friend recently borrowed your car and wrecked it so you can’t get to the store?  Your neighbor might have tofu!

What if you’ve had a hard day and need someone to listen to your travails, and your partner doesn’t want to hear one more gripe about it?  Go unload on your newly befriended neighbor!

2.       I still don’t understand why I should come.
There will be food and drink. 

3.       Did you invite me so you can sell Amway products? 

I solemnly swear this is not a sales party disguised as pure fun.  It’s just fun, y’all.

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