Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Kitchen, again.

We've been painting the kitchen cabinets for two weeks.  No, it hasn't been non-stop painting.  We're doing it in parts, mainly because we don't have the space to pull all the cabinet doors off at once.  If you think that's the wrong way to do it, well, I've never liked your haircut. Ever. So there.

We've been eating dinner in our cramped dining well as on the living room ottoman.  I miss my kitchen table.

The tall piece is finished: painted and waxed.  We'll hopefully finish this set of white doors in the next couple of days.  Then maybe we'll get to the rest of it, if we haven't died of exhaustion first.  And what'll we do about that weird space above the cabinetry? Don't ask. I have no clue.  Maybe some fake greenery and some roosters? No?  Too out there and never done?  I'm up for suggestions.

By the way, we had a great time at our neighborhood happy hour.  Even met a few folks we'd never seen before.  We also might have tried to flag down people driving by, but for some reason, they wouldn't stop.  I also shouted that it was drankin' time and invited anyone who could hear me...called over the guy walking his dog (but he had volleyball practice to get to??  Who the hell plays volleyball in Kansas City?)...tried to send Ryan down the street with a couple of beers to recruit the folks moving in...Anyway, my neighborhood of Neighborville apparently has some folks who don't like being neighborly, but the twenty or so people who came were worth meeting and drinking with, and I'm so glad they took a chance on the weirdo Kiefers.  Hopefully we can do it again. Next time, with jugglers, contortionists, elephants, and that guy who sang "Pants on the Ground".

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  1. The cabinets are looking good, but I wish I lived closer to Neighborville so I could have had a beer with you all. Our neighborhood is being over-run with hipsters. I guess that's when you know your neighborhood has really made it - tight pants and fixies.


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