Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August This and That

Summer is over.  The vacation part, at least.

German Johnson Heirloom.
 The tomatoes have arrived in droves, with all their colorful variations.

Katie has started kindergarten.

The kitchen cabinets are about 60% finished.

Our experimental tomato patch is hugging the makeshift tower.

And the late bloomers are finally getting started on their fruit.

We still have loads of beer left over from our neighborhood happy hour. Stop by and enjoy one with us (although they're not on ice anymore).

We're finishing the cabinetry in the next week.  It's been a slow process, but the results have been satisfying.

The weather's been cool, unlike any other August in my memory. How's the end of summer treating you?

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  1. The end of this summer has been amazing because it's been a reasonable temperature outside! I'm not even jonesing for fall yet because it's been so tolerable.


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