Sunday, June 1, 2014

Update on The Year of Why Not!?

It's been a busy few months for me. Many of you would laugh at what I consider "busy", but still, I've had a lot less time to myself to update my thousands of fans.

Back in January, I declared 2014 to be the Year of  Why Not!?  And un-true to form, I've actually followed through.

First off, Ryan and I joined a church.  I KNOW.  That's no big deal for some of my friends, but others are probably wondering why. I'm going to completely bypass that question and ask instead, "Why is an upside-down pie called a tart?"  Or maybe I mean, "WHY NOT!?".  We were looking for some community as a couple. I already have my Bitches That Read clubs (three, in fact--man I love reading), and Ryan has work buddies and a whole Google+ life I know very little about, but we have nothing specifically for the two of us beyond a rare dinner date.

Ready for church, and looking way too grown up.
It just so happened that a friend posted a sermon podcast from her church around January, and I clicked on the link out of curiosity.  Here was a church in the middle of the city that welcomes everyone.  And I actually mean everyone.  Service to others is at the heart of the church's mission, and we're loving the motley congregation.  We're already teaching Sunday School once a month for the kids and have enjoyed several events, including a fun Easter Egg hunt.  I will say the rock band isn't exactly my cup of tea--I much prefer a stodgy ol' organ and choir full of blue hairs--but I'm giving it a chance and trying to learn music without actual sheet music in front of me.

Grass, be gone.
What else have we been up to?  Tearing up the front yard.  After several years of drought, I decided fussy grass was for fussy people.  So we smothered most of the yard and have been planting seeds and more mature plants.  Some of the seeds washed away in a rain storm, ironically, and some failed to germinate, but we're getting there.  I will have my contained chaos garden eventually, maybe a couple years down the road as everything grows in.  For now, though, I'm enjoying these beautiful hydrangeas that love all the shade this house has to give.

I've also decided to let most of the weeds bloom this year.  Of course, if they're choking plants, forget about it, but if it comes up and wants to flower, so be it.  I read the dandelions are good for bees, and some of the un-identified thingies around here are kind of pretty.

I think I planted those pink plants, but not the rest!
A third WHY NOT!?  A second car.  We've been a one car family off and on the past few years, but it was getting trickier having a social life with only one vehicle that could carry everyone.  So we scoured Craigslist for either an extended cab truck or a diesel car, honing in on 80s Mercedes.  Et Voila!  We found this beautiful SD that's comfortable even with three rather large car seats spanning the back seat.  It's got that comforting roar that goes along with a diesel engine, the kids love it, and even better, since it was not expensive at all, it's paid for (car notes make me itch in bad places).  

I'll have more updates on our yard soon. Still need to mulch some more and figure out what to do with a couple of empty spots.  Thankfully the neighbors have been patient and haven't egged our house yet due to the work-in-progress.  And thankfully Ryan has been a great sport and done most of the back breaking work. I'm a lucky gal!


  1. I think these are great changes! Especially the hydrangeas!

  2. Your 'grass be gone' efforts are beyond mine! I'm trying to pull up a little each year, so it'll be another decade at this rate that I don't have to mow anymore. Sweet kid, sweet plants and a sweet ride - you are a lucky gal!


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