Friday, August 8, 2014

Another summer bites the dust

Summer break has flown by, and almost every good intention I had for this free time has blown away with the Kansas winds.  For the first time in my life, however, I can honestly say that I love summer.

It's been 30 seconds since I typed that, and I was not struck down by the gods for telling a lie.  Because this time, it was the truth.  To be fair, I still hate hot weather, and humidity can go eat fat-free cream cheese (a punishment that is borderline torture), but I've really liked sleeping in, having lazy days outside, vacationing a little, eating great tomatoes, even driving Katie to day camp for a couple of weeks.  The relatively mild weather has helped--remember our first couple of summers had loads of 100+ degree days--as well as a fully functioning air conditioner, the first summer in KC we've actually enjoyed that.  And we joined the city pool!  If that isn't a reason for me to get a mental health check, I don't know what is.

Don't worry, though. I'm still me.  While I've been working out more consistently over the past 9 months than I ever have in addition to all these traditional, borderline boring, summer activities, I haven't been replaced by Stepford Starr.  I'm still loud, presumptuous, tacky, annoying, and know-it-all.  You can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Anyway, forget words, more pictures, right?

Field trips galore, including to the City Market, where we ate the smallest, most expensive lunch I've ever purchased, at Bloom Bakery. Still delicious, but I think that bottle of water must've cost $5.

We abandoned our beautiful kitchen table for the summer since the AC, while glorious throughout most of the house, can't keep up if I'm cooking.  So, SURPRISE! We've used the dining room.  It's felt vaguely old-fashioned and quite comforting to eat family style with a well-set table and flowers as a centerpiece.  Side note: those purple balls are Black Velvet Apriums (apricots + plums), and they are spectacularly delicious.

This year's been my laziest vegetable gardening season on record, but we've still managed to get dozens and dozens of these lovely Indigo Rose large cherry tomatoes.  The squirrels seem confused by them, which is a blessing since they've been particularly aggressive about eating my food.

When we were at the beach, I allowed one photo to be taken of me, and I also enjoyed myself immensely. Just so you know, if I could find a full-body beach cover that wasn't too hot or hideous, I'd go for it.  Me + Sun = Bloated Lobster.

Anyway, school starts next week for Katie, and since I fooled the PTA into asking me onto the executive board, I've been busier than usual.  Oh, and as a quick update on Katie's "so scary we only have cubbies not lockers" school , it's been a great fit for us so far since the school's mixed bag reputation seems to be predicated on rumors and little else.  The PTA is full of down-to-earth go-getters who love books and fun, the teachers have been wonderful, and Katie has blossomed into a much more confident little girl (yes, she is still little and will be forever, okay?).  And being 2 blocks away has been awesome.  So if you've ended up on this site because you were searching for feedback on Roesland Elementary, please consider this a 5 star review.

So there's our summer for you.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful summer to me :)

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