Friday, November 25, 2011

I am a celebrity, and you can too!

My recent brush with fame is just the beginning of a life full of sparkling blingity-bling, private jets, adoring fans... notoriety... drunken appearances in court... and the sad epilogue that usually involves a run on Dancing with the Losers and eventually, a gig as nighttime security guard at the local funeral home.

Why am I so confident about my future?

Because Celina Tio, of Julian restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri, not only cooked my supper on Wednesday night, but she also *personally* served me and Ryan our first two courses. She even said, "Enjoy". Or was it, "Bon Appetit"? Or perhaps, "I made this with my blood, sweat, and tears, and you'd better love it or else I'll sob for days!"? No matter, words were uttered in my presence, and in my general direction. And then I saw a smile. I'm sure it was aimed at me and not the family from southern Louisiana sitting nearby.

That makes me really awesome, of course. This chick was on Top Chef Masters! And The Next Iron Chef! And more importantly, she is in Kansas City, which is where I live, too!

Wanna see a pic of me and the chef?

Ryan's note -- we totally took the camera to Julian with hopes of getting a real
picture of Starr with a real living, breathing Chef Tio, but Starr totally got cold feet
 and wouldn't even let me ask her for the photo. It's probably better for all of us.
Especially Chef Tio.
See? Before you know it, I'll be on Star Search, because I'm *that* close to celebrity-hood.  Oh, that's not on TV anymore?  Okay, I'll be a Real Housewife of Kansas City.  And you can say you knew me when...

P.S. Our meal was quite delicious.  I really loved the shortrib "potroast" for my entree as well as everything else I ordered.  Only thing missing was a squishy roll so that I could sop up all the yummy gravy.  

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