Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meet Super Mommy Blogger!

May I introduce you to the Mommy Blogger of the year?

She's serious about being the best mommy ever. And telling the world about it.  

Her hair?  Perfectly curled.  Her crisp apron ready to protect her Banana Republic tee and sensible jeans, purchased at Costco.

She carefully documents every step for her "how to be awesome like me" tutorials.

Thinking of ways to make the world a better place.  By blogging, of course.

She uses her curves for the good of humanity.

Never abandoning style.

Helping small children make the world more beautiful.  "Winslow, we can turn that stick into an awesome mantel decoration!"

Even risking bodily harm in the name of good blogging.  She recently lost a tooth in a tragic decorating accident.

Of course, it's all about the kids.  Isn't it always?

Don't be jealous.  Just shoot for the stars, and you could be a Super Mommy Blogger.

Or you could order my special "How to be the best mommy blogger on Earth" kit.  It's only $19.95.  But if you order NOW, we'll double the order!  And include a special gift.  O wait, we're all out of the kits. They're *that* great.  Sorry. Maybe next year.


  1. awesome! and love the costumes those kids are super cute!

  2. did you really lose a tooth in a decorating accident? I cracked one on a pistachio...but geez! -Kathleen

  3. that picture of you w/ your finger on your chin should be some sort of product you will sell someday.


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