Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kitchen Update

We have finally finished (for now) the freezer nook in the kitchen.  It required demolition and lots of patient painting. While I usually enjoy waxing poetic for paragraphs on end, I'll give your ears (eyes) a rest and give you some photos.

Apologies to our real estate agent--this photo is a true "before" because it
was taken during the inspection.

The most beautiful desk area known to man.
 Luckily, demolition was very easy.  I was worried the flooring wouldn't continue under the cabinetry, but I worried for no reason.  That old linoleum goes to the back wall.  I had asked Ryan to take photos of the in-between stage, but he didn't, so you'll have to imagine more paneling and more yellow floor.


We will be replacing the light fixture when funds become available.


Some might ask why we didn't paint the inner trim on the windows.  Honestly, I thought the two-toned trim looked kind of cool, especially after I saw all the wood in the Ballard Designs Catalog.  

Others might wonder why I've left the ancient window treatments.  Well, it's because they fit.  They're functional.  I'm not totally offended by them, and something better be downright awful for me to spend the money right now.  I'd rather put that cash toward our new range hood (on its way!).  I'll get to new shades later.

Paint Color: Peacock Blue by Glidden Duo.  We had two coats of Kilz, then at least two coats of the blue.  This paint worked really beautifully. I've painted saturated colors before and was forced to put on 4+ coats after having primed as well.  

We have oodles more to do in this room: fireplace, cabinets, beams.  But seeing that completed nook makes my heart sing a bit.  We're on our way!

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  1. Cute. Cute. Cute.

  2. Such a happy little corner of the room.

  3. That's the same color as my front door! Good choice! :-)

  4. Love the colors! I totally agree about saving and spending money on the more important things. It's definitely not worth going in debt for new blinds!

  5. Beautiful colors. The blinds are fine--they're neutral and your paint just looks so nice. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!


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