Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet! Local milk.

I think I've already told y'all we are lucky in Kansas City to have access to a local dairy: Shatto.  The milk comes in half-gallon (or smaller) glass jugs, and you have to pay a $2 deposit for each bottle.  But you get it back when you return the jug to the store.  I love that they re-use the bottles, and the milk is delicious.

Recently, they produced a special flavored milk.  Cotton Candy milk.  Limited edition.  To be honest, I wasn't that interested in that particular taste, but limited edition anything will catch my eye (Limited edition emu jerky?  I'm in.  Limited edition parachute pants with little gold ribbons?  Oh, yeah).  When I saw the Facebook post showcasing the milk's release a few weeks ago, I HAD TO HAVE IT.

I first went to the Hyvee in Mission, KS.  Nothing but an empty shelf.  I asked the manager when the milk would be delivered next, and he had to track down the dairy manager, who then said Thursday around lunch.  Sadly, I had other plans that Thursday and could not stalk the milk man.  This entire exchange took ten minutes.  I'm sure the manager thought I was a little nuts.  (Of course he's right about that)

I then went to the SunFresh in Kansas City, MO (cheaper food taxes anyway).  Not there either.  However, they did have Root Beer milk.  It was surprisingly delicious, and I don't like root beer at all.  The kids loved it, and Ryan enjoyed it with a splash of whiskey.  Or many splashes.

At this point, my quest was feeling kind of dumb.  I hate cotton candy, why should I try to find milk flavored like the world's worst fair food (speaking of, I could really use a corn dog right now, smothered with mustard, too hot to eat)? That didn't stop me from mentioning it to Ryan when he went to the store today.  And guess what?  He found it.

Yes, it's blue.  Yes, it coordinates well with the green freezer and blue walls.  And yes, it is the sweetest concoction you'll ever taste.

I think I'll stick with the root beer milk when I'm looking for a dairy treat, but I'm so glad Ryan found it. Otherwise, I'd be green (blue) with envy that others tried it without me.

And to those waiting on the kitchen, we are so close to finishing the walls.  The freezer has been moved in, filled with beef, and now we have some trim work to do.  (Just remember that painting jewel tones takes work.  Painting over dark trim also requires lots of coats.)  You'll either love it or hate it.  Personally, I'm ready to marry the kitchen walls because they're that awesome.  Sorry to keep my super-fans waiting!


  1. This flavoured milk bizness sounds intriguing!@

  2. Cotton Candy?!?! Sounds awesome! Sometimes I can find banana milk here... it is to die for!


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