Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring is Here

Did you know there's a very depressing song by Rodgers and Hart called "Spring is Here"?  There's this one line, "Maybe it's because nobody loves me"...gets me every time.  Look it up if you love old show tunes.  This one's a keeper.

But talking about pity-party, woe-is-me music is not what I'm here to do today.  Instead, I gotta tell ya something.  We've been very busy.  Busy doing what?

Getting bitten by chiggers (I'll spare you photos).

Painting in preparation for the arrival of our 1/4 cow this upcoming weekend.

Willing the lettuce to grow (speaking of Broadway shows, why can't I be blessed like Daisy in On a Clear Day, You can See Forever?  I want to be able to read my plants Walter Lippmann and watch them come shooting through the soil.  I also wish I could sing like Barbra, but I was told by one choral director in high school that I have a small voice and could never be more than a church choir star.  Sigh. Truth hurts.).

So where was I?

Oh, yeah, working in the yard.

Post-fence-removal, pre-garden.

Just about ready for plants.

We're using a no-dig, no-till method of gardening.  We have quasi-raised beds that we filled in by following a method called sheet composting, or lasagna gardening.  It involves composting right in the garden bed, layering the green and brown goodies (kind of like building a lasagna!) right there rather than in a pile in the back of the yard.  You're supposed to start in the fall, but since we weren't ready then to do that, we augmented our first few layers of stuff with a top layer of garden soil.  

You can see our lovely wood walkways, constructed using scrap wood we had lying around.  We have a few more planks to tuck in so I can get to all the plants without stepping on the soil.

Disclaimer: I've never done this in the garden. Growing up, we mulched and sometimes poured fish poop in the garden, but otherwise, we just planted stuff and waited for it to grow. This year, I've gone kind of crazy trying to figure out the best method.  Our chances of success? I'll guess they're between 0% and 100%.  That's a goal I can believe in.

And remember my little lettuce?

The size of a whole Quarter!!

Despite our crappy, cracked dirt, lettuce is growing.  And since it's supposed to rain for three days starting this afternoon, it should be quite happy (lettuce loves water) as long as it doesn't get washed or blown away (a definite possibility). 

Readers, be ready for some more interesting updates soon.  We're finishing work in the kitchen soon.  Paint and more paint.


  1. Your garden looks lovely! And yay for lettuce.

  2. It's going to be great! I'm really excited to see kitchen pictures soon.

    I think your choir director is full of it. You could be awesome(r). Look at the dude from My Fair Lady. He spoke everything and was the lead. At a minimum you could at least do that!


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