Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mom's a little bit crazy, y'all.

Remember the living room?

Well, I've been busy. Doing what, you ask?  I'll give you one guess.

No, these aren't giant saltine crackers.

They are the ceiling tiles from the living room.

We pulled out the cheap molding, too.  By We, I mean Ryan.  

Why bother taking down a perfectly ugly but functional ceiling?  Well, I found it was hurting my heart every morning to look at it.  I've been talking about my hatred of those tiles for a year now.  I want to paint the room, but I'll be damned if we were going to put a lot of work into a room with those abominations. The molding alone was very frighteningly outdated.  I prefer crumbling plaster to the cellulose yucky stuff that was up there.

There is some damage to the ceiling, but it's very slight. We haven't decided what to do--something has to go up in the corners because there used to be bigger crown molding there at one point, and there are gaps the molding covered between the walls and ceiling.  Taking down the wood might be very challenging. We'll just have to see.  Today, my heart is lightened.  Tomorrow, when I wake up to this mess, it'll be a whole other story...

P.S. Let me thank Ryan for not freaking out when he got home to a huge hole in the ceiling.  We worked side by side, but he made it go faster.

P.P.S Please wear eye/mouth protection if you're ever cursed with ceiling tiles and wish to remove them.  It's dusty.


  1. i think it is time to invite you to my house... you did a fantastic removal job! ours are glued onto sheet-rock. or something like that.

  2. Why in the world did they put up those tiles in the first place? Good on ya. I'll bet you feel much better!


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