Thursday, May 31, 2012

This wiring is tasty, no?

Twice this week, we have awakened to a tripped circuit.  No, not the same one.  We kind of expect it from the garage circuit--I've actually been shocked by that one (shocked as in feeling electricity course through my body and kill off the demons, not shocked as in surprised), and the wiring out there is, uh, quaint, if nothing else.  We have not figured out why that one tripped--maybe one day that mystery will be explained to us, preferably by a vision of Tupac, who just won't die for real, will he?

The melted wiring from 2011.

Now it's the kitchen, too.  This is all part of the addition that was obviously done by Cousin Larry, so we've had an outlet melt before.  That was replaced, so we get to look behind the freezer plug.  The other alternative is the range hood. Please let it be the outlet, which is much easier to access.

Fascinating in a scientific kind of way.  Disheartening in others.

Perhaps they should have paid full price.
Maybe the house is angry with me for tearing down the ceiling tiles (which, by the way, I'm still happy about.  The room feels more cavernous now that sounds aren't muffled by 2 inch thick cellulose.  Cavernous is good considering the ceilings are a tad under 8 feet tall).  Or maybe it's testing my devotion, since I declared my love for it the other day. I still love you, baby!  Stop costing me so much time and money, though! There's decorating to be done, instead.

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