Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Conundrum in the Bathroom

Katie the crazy summer bunny says...

"We need a new bathroom faucet!"

This lovely contraption leaks.  It's pretty awful, right?

The problem is that the faucet is on a 22 inch deep vanity, which is at least 6 inches too big.

Why would I put a new faucet on a vanity I'd like to trash?

But you see this floor? It's getting in the way of progress.  I'd love to buy an inexpensive pedestal sink and plop it in--anything expensive is too big anyway). The floor, though, does not run under that vanity.  And you see that crack in the floor?  It's reminding me of the fact the floor sags around the enormous beam in the basement.  Leveling will have to happen.  Plus whenever we replace the tub, we'll need more flooring most likely because the existing apparatus is way too big.  So a simple vanity replacement would mean new floors, a new toilet while we're at it, and really, a new tub.  Yeah, that ain't happening anytime soon unless we win the lottery (buy me a ticket, will ya?).

So for now, we may or may not replace the vanity.  We have, however, purchased a new faucet. It's shiny, therefore I love it.  Well, it's not too shiny.  It won't leak, though.


  1. How about a pedestal sink with a bathroom rug on the floor to cover the no tile area? You might have to cut a hole in one to make it fit. nk

  2. Ooh, I like what Anon said above!

  3. rugs in bathrooms = pee catchers! don't do it (okay, it might be okay if it is a washable rug and washed often - i'd just throw a towel down or something)

  4. I'm not a fan of soft surfaces in bathrooms, especially a very small one. We'll figure something out!

  5. Well, something is going to catch pee- either the floor or the rug. Your feet will step on either one. Of course, a washable rug, is there a bathroom rug that isn't? nk

  6. I feel your pain, our bathroom has an extremely narrow tub with jets.....that don't work and our vanity looks a lot like yours. We painted the vanity but the tub? No funds for replacing it yet.

    I vote we have an ugly bathroom party then forget about it, if possible.

  7. Thanks for the spam. I'm honored!


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