Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Gratuitous Katie picture.
I haf a geeft for yous!

By yous, I mean peeps like me.

I've compiled a list for bored moms. You know, for times when you feel like all you do is wipe bottoms, make PB&J, and clean up mystery stains on the wall.  I'm sure there are plenty of gals who never ever feel like this, but I'm not one to pretend everything's sunshine and unicorns all the time at The Kiefer Cottage.

You'll find silly ideas, fun ideas, seriously boredom-consuming ideas.  What's great is that I'm giving it to you for FREE, so if yous don't like it, you can either delete the download or even better, you can print it out and burn it in the sink (in Kansas, no burning outside unless you want to start the Great Fire of 2012).  If you choose the latter, film it and send me the link.

Of course, anyone can download the file--it's not like there's a screening process. If you're a childless yogi living in Fairbanks, AK, you can still read my teeny tiny mini publication (FYI, this is not the book I wrote, which is taking me forever to finish up, and for my devoted fans, I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart).

Yes, it's FREE!  It's on my sidebar way up at the top.  Click on the icon "Mommy's Bored" and you'll have three options for download. We formatted it in three ways--it looks great on the iPad as well as the Kindle (you can email it to your Kindle, FYI), but let me know if there is a problem with the files.

And if you have any ideas to add, send them to me at starr@thekiefercottage.com.  I'll give you credit if you like.

Download my tiny (and free) ebook!
Download here!

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  1. Some of those ideas look like fun even for the childless!


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