Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gift from Jen @ Four Marrs and One Venus

I won a blog sweepstakes over a month ago. It was a huge giveaway, and I got a few months worth of advertising on different blogs as well as some lovely presents, too.

I've been in la-la land this August and have failed to thank everyone for their generosity.  But now I can at least tackle one thank-you (the Devil told me he'd be comin' for me otherwise).

Jen at Four Marrs and One Venus offered to make beautiful up to five letters.  I must admit I usually don't go for that type of decoration--my children never knew their names because I failed to hang cutesy'd up letters above their cribs, and no one, I'm afraid, knows that they should eat in the kitchen since there is no sign telling them to.  However, since I could pick anything, I decided to go with some irony.

I think they actually look great on the piano!  I chose the color scheme that would be affixed to the wooden forms.

I only chose one pattern that was an obvious nod to the instrument. Otherwise, I chose from a lovely selection of purty paper that Jen had on hand.

What's the joke?  Well, this is the quietest room in the house.  Not only is it a calming blue, but *Piano*, in musical terminology, means "Shut the heck up and stop being so loud.  Use your inside voice, kid."

I'm planning on putting something in the family room, the noisiest room at the Kiefer Cottage (and perhaps the loudest in the entire world), using the word Forte, which means "Kick it up a notch, please."  That's on a long list of things I'll get to eventually.

In the meantime, thanks to Jen for such a lovely piece of decor!


  1. I find you hilarious. I got a little note from House Beautiful yesterday that my subscription is on it's way! :D

  2. You are so sweet..and they look perfect hanging out on your piano! So happy you like them...awesome choice of word girl!


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