Sunday, September 23, 2012

I love my house

Buying a house can be like an arranged marriage.  You read your potential partner's ad, check out the goods, ensure its purity, and then jump right into the deal after exchanging substantial sums of money, hoping eventually you'll fall in love.

When I walked into the Kiefer Cottage in April of 2011, I knew that I could make it work here.  A spacious kitchen, a 1st floor family room, excellent neighborhood...but it was still a huge gamble.  We had to replace all the cold water plumbing within a week of moving in ($$$), get a new electrical panel ($$$), and cut down many trees ($$$$).  We have windows that don't close completely, an upstairs without any heat, and a kitchen that is open to the elements in hidden places, so we have regular visits from creatures we didn't invite over (apparently, the local fauna really love our harvest-toned flooring).

Electrical panel isn't even LEATHER and it cost a fortune.

But it's finally happened.  I have fallen in love with our house.  Perhaps the three-week vacation made my heart grow fonder.  Or maybe it's because now I have a bathroom that doesn't require schooching and pinching and prodding to navigate.

Remember this??
Anyone over a size 2 had to deal with that monstrous vanity.  But now, we are plus-sized friendly (thank goodness, since you can't really suck in my booty).

What a relief.  That bathroom feels normal, like it has potential, like, like...

...a work in progress, as usual.  We have exposed subfloor now, and the wall is obviously not complete.

I'm so glad they labeled this so I'd know there's no tile in that spot.
Regardless, I am so in love with our house right now.  It's given me hope that one day, we shall see completed results.

This is a blessing, of course, since we're far beyond the allowed-return window. (But I have my receipt--does that count for nothing these days!!)  I won't, however, be asking for store credit.  This one's a keeper.


  1. Yaaaay! Huge difference. I would have had to climb over the previous vanity, I'm sure of it.

  2. Amazing difference, even the room itself seems like it's breathing a little easier.

  3. it was a marvelous choice - definitely better than before (i'm average sized and had to scooch!) by a million percent!!!

  4. I wonder what that prior owner was thinking when they put in that huge vanity. Where they tiny and could walk past it without rotating their hips? I would have replaced it too!

  5. Wow, what a HUGE difference that made! It looks great!!!

  6. Looks wonderful ! I bet a store like Home Depot or Lowe's could help you find a way to fix the 'no tile' area. nk


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