Friday, September 28, 2012

When did I become a Real Housewife?

The past two weeks have been very strange for me.  Why? Katie has started school, attending Pre-K at a local church four times a week.  Only 8 lessons later, she can write her name (previously she wouldn't even try).  I've heard her teaching Winslow some phonics--What sound does A make?  Try harder, MeiMei!.  And every morning she runs into class without looking back.  Remember, I did work full-time for awhile, so this wasn't heart-wrenching for me, being away from her, but I'm still having a bit of a hard time accepting that my baby is going to be five in about a month. FIVE.  How am I old enough to have a five year old?  Who was the dummy who entrusted me with a human life? (Uh, do you really want me to explain how children get born and stuff?)

Today, things were even weirder. I enrolled in a program where moms work on crafts, read books, surf the internet, or just socialize with each other for a couple of hours while the kids go play with other caregivers.  It's a spanking good deal ($50/semester for as many sessions as I wish. I just do it once a week), and I'd never been early enough in previous years to secure a spot.

Of course, I didn't do crafts since I am admittedly not interested in being crafty, except in the "Yeah, sometimes I act like a witch" sense of the word.  But I had a nice time with a couple of friends despite feeling like perhaps this was another dimension.  I just spent 2 hours in the middle of a weekday without my children.  I couldn't leave the building, but I could enjoy gourmet coffee (or at least think about it since you know coffee and me are bitter enemies) and excellent conversation without being in a hurry or wondering if this was some kind of illusion (Sorry Starr, but you are merely hallucinating the childcare and the kids are actually running in traffic).  Andrew experienced his first time in "school", and he seemed to even enjoy it a bit according to the teachers who comforted him after I left.  Winslow made a lovely picture of a cardinal and managed to glue the eyes on the bird's butt (I am SO proud. Keep doing it your way, girl).

For those who think I'm being ridiculous, realize that since I became a stay-at-home mom, my days have been completely immersed in caring for the children. We did no MDO programs, no camps, nothing.  Playgroup maybe once a month.  And yet now I'm busy almost every day!  Four days a week, I'm in the car to take my kid to school.  It's unlikely that the pattern will go back to what it was, except in summer. Unless you start thinking about the Shakespeare camp I read about last week, or the piano lessons I'd like to enroll Katie in, or the fact that Katie is almost old enough to fly on a plane by herself on some airlines (and I know she'd do great).

Seriously, could they get more grown up?  Don't answer that.

So you'll have to excuse me for going through a major WTF these days.  Adjusting to this new reality has thrown me completely off my game, making my blog get a bit ignored even when I have things I'm dying to show you. I know I'm not the first nor the last mom to experience this, so stay tuned!  Have a wonderful weekend, y'all.

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