Monday, September 17, 2012

The Back Porch

Our house is officially 1800 square feet.  But we have a three season porch that makes our house feel much bigger.  It's not heated or cooled (hence "three season").  And it started out pretty rustic looking.


We've never used the fireplace because it would need to be checked for safety.  


I had had about enough of the drab paneling in June and started priming the walls and trim on a whim.  And then it suddenly was 108 for the entire summer, making the idea of spending hours in a room without AC totally excruciating, so Ryan finished up my work a couple of weeks ago.

Much better, isn't it?

Yes, the beams aren't painted, but that's because it took me an hour to do just one.  The wood is unfinished and makes a mess. Some day I'll get to them.  And to the lovely indoor/outdoor carpet in there...

Now I see a sunroom. Feels lighter and brighter. Damn, paint is awesome.

Wall color: Glimmer by Behr


  1. HUGE difference. What's the colour?

  2. I think the beams are pretty unpainted. It adds a nice detail to the ceiling.

  3. Paint is AWESOME! We have a side porch and when the weather is nice, it's so lovely!

  4. Paint IS awesome! It looks great!

  5. It looks AWESOME!! Don't paint the beams... they are so pretty the way they are!


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