Thursday, October 25, 2012

Freeze warning tomato salad

Despite the dire predictions in the dead heat of August, these tomatoes haven't given up.  I wonder if they're related to me because their high level of stubbornness is epic.

Heirloom Amish Paste.

Yesterday, I picked a bowl full of Heirloom Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes.  You'll notice they're a mix of green, brown, and red.  Hybrids tend to be much more uniform in color, but less delicious, while these colorful heirlooms are spectacularly yummy, even if a bit green in spots.  I bought this vine at Home Depot during a 50% off sale and had great success.

Instead of freezing them, I wanted to enjoy my last guaranteed fresh tomato salad of 2012.

I added plenty of fresh mint from the garden.

 And then made up a dressing of oil, acid, salt, and pepper (remember tomatoes like lots of salt).  Mixed it all up and plopped the salad into this awesome vintage dish my mother gave me during our last visit (makes that Hurricane Isaac debacle seem worth it).

For the first time ever, more than half of my offering to book club was actually enjoyed by someone other than myself.  Plus, the hostess asked for some leftovers to save for later.  Add in the Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) we all drank and the books we discussed, and the evening was a success.

Freeze Warning Tomato Salad

Ripe tomatoes from the garden cut in half or in pieces
Mint, Basil, or some other fresh herb
Onion, chopped finely (optional, but it's soooo good)
Olive oil
Fresh lemon juice
Lemon Zest 
Splash of Balsamic Vinegar
Plenty of Salt

Combine the tomatoes, herbs, lemon zest, and onion.  Start with a little bit of the olive oil, lemon, and balsamic vinegar.  Taste.  Add more if necessary.  Salt generously. Pepper as desired. Garnish with more herb.

This is one salad you can mix up for awhile because tomatoes aren't that fragile.  Keep tweaking until you're happy.  

P.S. My Winslow is having surgery tomorrow.  Please keep her in your thoughts.

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  1. Thinking of you and Winslow today! I hope everything goes well.


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