Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sibling Rivalry: Annuals vs. Perennials

Consider the flora of the earth.  You find large, powerful trees as well as tiny flowers and everything in between.  Some produce yummy things to eat while others would kill you an instant.

Today I'm here to tell you about two distinct types of flowers.  Sisters, if you will.  The Hussy and the Good Girl.

Consider the wildflowers I planted in the spring. One bag of annual seeds covered the south side of the backyard. They were tall and skinny and produced flowers faster than you can say WonderBra.  Yup, those annuals were hussies, putting their goods out there for all to admire.  

Come over here, soldier, and gimme a kiss.

But take a look at these other wildflowers.

Here's the shorter and heftier big sister.  The one who took months to become substantial. The one who made her admirers wait for what seemed like an eternity for a bloom.

I'm worth waiting for.

These gals are perennial wildflowers, which means they should come back year after year.  It took them forever to bloom and grow because they were busy building roots since they're in it for the long haul, not just a one-summer-night's-stand.

My own red-headed flower standing in front of the perennials.
We planted the perennials in front of our (not so) lovely compost pile (which currently has three rather large tomato seedlings growing out of it), in hopes that flowers would distract critical eyes.  They've been fairly low maintenance and have tolerated the drought very well.  I'm glad I managed to stay patient because I was ready to rip 'em out a few months ago.

Yes, Good Girl, you were worth waiting for.  Sure, your sister's a tall drink of water, but you're the keeper.

(So next year when you're planting your garden, think about investing in perennials.  Cheaper in the long run, and they aren't as promiscuous!)


  1. Ah, the moral of the late bloomer.

    Did you see what I did there? Did you?

  2. I dream of a perennial wildflower garden SOMEWHERE at our house. Do you know if they can be planted in beds beside houses? Or are they better off with a fair amount of space?

  3. I've always loved perennials...but now I have a whole new appreciation for them! ;)


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