Thursday, April 11, 2013

Things you really need to think about right now

Since I got back from vacation, I haven't gotten anything done.  Except watch 2 full seasons of The Wire, of course, which is the most important thing anyone could ever do.  That show has taught me a lot about drug gangs and police--I'm now an expert, by the way.  Anywho, everyone else has been quite productive, so let me brag and give you worthwhile things to contemplate.

1) Ryan repaired the washer again. This time, the clutch needed to be replaced.  For $10 and a few hours, Ryan saved us from having to buy another appliance.  Since we just spent a fortune on vacation and on other home repairs (tree removal and asbestos abatement, among other things), I'm grateful. You should be grateful, too, especially if you're a local friend.  Not only would I be really grouchy without a working washer, but I'd also be more than a little stinky.

2) Katie is now enrolled in kindergarten for the fall of 2013.   We had to complete a checklist of tasks Katie should be able to complete before starting in August, and turns out, she's ahead of the curve.  Too bad early achievement doesn't mean squat (Sir, you should hire me because I did so well in kindergarten!  Of course that means I'm awesome!).

3) Drew has managed to climb and knock over every piece of furniture in his room, so for now, all he has is a bed in there.  Doofus.  My girls never climbed, so this is new to me.  He's my smallest kid, but he is my wildest.

4) Winslow has learned to roll her eyes--it's genius, I tell you.  She can make me feel stupid with just a glance (No, Mommy, I don't need help wiping.  Uuuugh).   Is she really only three years old?

So there you have it.  Well, I left out that I did supervise having our house insulated and weatherized (new furnace, whoohoo!)  (insulation in all walls and in the attic, whoohoo!). But I'm not sure I can actually take any credit since all I did was let them in the house and sign a form at the end.

There are some house projects in the pipeline.  In the meantime, however, I'll be watching The Wire.


  1. What is this The Wire you speak of?

  2. Aww, three year old eye rolls! The most adorable form of disapproval out there!


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