Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dead Oven Exorcism

The final step in re-appliancing our kitchen is to get rid of the ancient, tiny, disgusting, overheating oven.

We started by removing some of the trim around the outside to gain access to the mounting screws we suspected were hiding behind.

Behind the dirty glass trim panel, it was amazing how clean it looked.

This proved to be a fruitless waste of time, as there wasn't a single screw holding it in place. With some fingers wedged behind the edges, it came right out.

And then it stopped for no apparent reason. Thinking it was stubborn, we swore at it and pulled and swore some more, but it wouldn't budge another centimeter. I thought maybe the wiring was holding it back, so I found the junction box underneath and cut it free. Luckily, we had already killed the circuit when we re-wired for the new range, else I might have written this post from the ER.

And it finally let go! But... it made absolutely zero sense that it let go at that point, because there was enough wire slack for us to set the oven on the ground! We looked all over the oven and found no lip or protrusion that should have held the oven in place against our will.

Chalk that one up to the pervading, persistent insanity that envelops the Kiefer Cottage. There's really no other explanation.

With the oven tossed in the garage for later beating with a large hammer disposal on the List that is Craig's, we were left with a nice big hole in which to put the appliances that had been rendered homeless by the installation of the new range.

This will soon be finished with doors scavenged from the corner cabinet that was removed to make way for the big, green freezer, but for now, it's just nice not to have that eyesore scowling at us, constantly reminding us of all the burned cookies it produced.

As usual, Rufus helped by keeping the kids occupied while we worked.

Yes, those are dinner napkins serving as a blanket for a very patient kitty.

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