Monday, April 9, 2012

Today, Chess Club; Tomorrow, Nobel Prize.

My mind is a strange place. This much you might already know from reading the bits and pieces I publish here on The Kiefer Cottage. However, strange though it may be, I've been told on occasion that what leaks out of that mind onto the screen is entertaining. Entertainment for which you'd gladly pay a dollar.

This reminds me, I really need to give my co-worker back his chess set!

Well, how about two dollars, minus one penny? You see, I've gone and written a short novel. It's called Chess Club, and it's the story of a man who, without giving too much away, gets in over his head with a sexy coworker, with often hilarious results.

You'll want to read it, I promise. And if you really like it, you could show me some love on Amazon and give it a positive review! A struggling fiction writer needs all the help he can get, right?

Convinced yet? Great -- you're out of excuses now, so go download it on Amazon.

Bonus? If you're a prime member, it's free to read right now.

Starr's note: Ryan hates talking about himself.  It shows, doesn't it?  Well, you should know that the story is quite funny. Laugh out loud hilarious in many places.  I wish I could take credit for it myself.  It is a piece of adult fiction, though, so I wouldn't recommend it for youngsters.

Would you allow your mother to read it?  Why, yes!  She just emailed me this morning asking how she can get it without having a Kindle.  FYI, you can read this stuff without the Amazon e-reader.  All you need is a computer or some computer-like device and the Kindle App.  I promise there is one made for the computer or device you own -- otherwise, I suppose you must have figured out how to access the internet using a soupcan and twine!  If you need help downloading the tale, send us an email.

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  1. Ooh! I will have to remember to grab this when I get home. And have found my Kindle. And then plugged in and re-charged my Kindle because the battery is dead.


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