Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Flu and Taxes

We've self-diagnosed ourselves with flu.  Not stomach flu (which isn't really the flu at all), but the full-on influenza virus.  Everyone else is doing better, except for the dry cough that lingers, but I'm in the midst of my turn with the pesky ol' disease and have spent lots of time in bed.  It's been over 20 years since my last official flu encounter. Do I even need to say I haven't missed her (why's the flu gotta be a girl?  Not sure, but this gal is nasty)?

To add insult to injury, I've had to complete our taxes.  I finished the Federal return on January 31st as well as our Kansas form.  Why? Well, we got a refund from those folks!  But we owe Missouri and the Kansas City earnings tax.  Not very much, thankfully. It took forever to figure out the part-time resident status form for KCMO because it's really meant for people seeking refunds--we had to pay instead since Ryan's employer didn't withhold the tax.  Bleh, whatever, I'll spare you the details. I'm finished signing the checks, and we're finished with Missouri and any earnings taxes for awhile.

In other news, Drew is using utensils at the table.  That means he's a genius and definitely better than your 15 month old.  

Yes, bragging about my son makes the flu pain subside. It even takes away the sting of taxes. You should try it some time.  Practice with me: "My child is reciting the Constitution!" or "My four year old daughter whipped up a souffle that Thomas said was divine.  And by Thomas, I mean Thomas Keller.  We've been braiding each other's hair for decades now."  or "My redhead's motor skills are so good that she can take her diaper off without removing her pajamas. I read somewhere that it's a sign she'll be an overpaid corporate stooge one day!  Whoohoo!"  You have to say these things without the slightest hint of irony.

Anyway, because Katie always demands equal treatment, I've included a photo of the girls. Winslow was mad about me asking her to wear the matching hat.  They got costumes for Easter from Yia-Yia.  Drew received a bunny costume, but I'll wait until I have backup (Ryan) before trying to get him in it and photograph the spectacle.

That concludes my random update.  Thank you for your cooperation.


  1. Ugh. We haven't even looked at doing our taxes. They are due in 11 days.


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