Thursday, April 5, 2012

You-ston, we have a problem

Our range hood is finally installed.

Our old one looked kind of out of place with our new stove.

It was also disgusting.  The cover had these nice little black specks all over the interior.  No, not stains, but evidence of a pooping bug. Yeah. Gross.

At least it came out without damaging anything.

The new one looks great!  We didn't spend a ton on this hood (it's a low-end Broan), mainly because I was more interested in looks than function.  As long as it has a light and blows stuff out the back, it's fine.

Wait.  What is that I see?

Oh yeah, this hood is much more compact and doesn't cover the messed up wall.

So now we have another troll hole (every time I think of trolls, Dora the Explorer comes to mind.  I'm a grumpy ol' troll!).  We've been making plans for the back splash--some of it depended on whether I could get the existing stuff off.  Yeah, it's not moving without a fight.  It's screwed in AND appears to be glued, too.  It will probably destroy the drywall behind it to yank it off.  So we'll be covering it, unless we figure out another way.

One idea is pressed tin tiles. We just have to make sure they're installed well, which might be a challenge over the laminate.

Any other ideas?


  1. Oh, I love the idea of pressed tin tiles. If you do have your heart set on tile, though, you could always screw on a layer of cement board over the existing stuff. Oooooor, if you don't want to add another big layer, what about adhesive tile mat? Google Bondera Tile Mat Set...

  2. colored pressed tin! although i haven't read a THING about how that stuff is installed...

    not sure if you could install tile over the laminate - maybe they make a mortar that would adhere?

    (shame on the past owners for gluing/screwing that stuff in behind the cabinets!)


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