Saturday, June 2, 2012

My meds must be wearing off...

...because I bought something kind of cutesy at the West Bottoms furniture markets this weekend.  Me and cutesy usually don't mix too well, unless we're talking about newborns.  At Nook & Cranny, I found this for my wall:

In the usual good natural light spot in the house.
It's a primitive piece with some unfinished touches.

Drunken nail gun technique.
A couple of doors to little compartments.

Looks about right for a small rodent.
With really adorable wooden latches.

It'll definitely add to the over-propped-ness of the house, but for $15, I couldn't pass it up.  $15!  [Insert country-chic decor mag of your choice] would most certainly have charged at least $150.

I'm not sure where we'll hang it or what tiny animals we'll place inside the cages (just kidding PETA!). Maybe it should just stay on the freezer for awhile.


  1. I love that. You could just change cutesy to primitive and earthy and redeem yourself. And just keep mentioning that it was only $15. That will distract the nay-sayers.

  2. My kids would love something like that as a doll house/castle/barn.


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