Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm a celebrity: Part Deux

Have you ever heard of the blog People I Want to Punch in the Throat?

Jen, the blogger, is hilarious and speaks big truth about life in the midst of great wealth and homogeneity.  And she is also local to me, living down in Overland Park, which is a swankier suburb of Johnson County, KS.  For the record, I live in the "affordable" (AKA run-down) northern territory of the county where young couples move to get underwater on their cute two bedroom houses and old people go to die.  We are Joco wannabes, but she's enmeshed in the real-deal suburban Kansas culture.

Tonight, she hosted a get-together for her readers, and I went.  I learned a few things tonight:

1) I might have a hearing problem.  I felt like I could barely hear myself speak this evening. Those who know me well understand how weird that is considering I am a loud mouth with an unpleasantly piercing voice. (I think I spotted Ryan wearing ear plugs the other day. Hon, at least have the courtesy of getting flesh colored ones. Pink just isn't your color)

2) I have learned to censor myself a lot in the past few years.  Or at least I keep my thoughts to myself until I can write it down in a completely *private* venue like a blog or on Facebook.  I miss speaking my mind and should do it more often.

3) I love Tiramisu, but have only had it good once.  Tonight was not that night.  Why do I bother ordering it when I know it's gonna suck big time?

I had a good time, although if you can believe it, I felt like I barely spoke at all.  So few got to experience my winning personality and better-than-average sense of humor.  Maybe next time I'll speak up and walk out with a new BFF.  This evening, I ran out around 9pm because my Spanx were killing me.

Anyway, here's me and Jen!  We sat next to each other, and she actually touched my arm a few times. I won't be washing my left shoulder for a few days to savor the experience a bit longer.

An actual blue haired woman!
Seriously, she was seated right next to me, but she guards her privacy pretty darn closely (I would too if I said anything of importance), so I let my little blue-haired friend stand in for Jen.  Good thing I was wearing one of my suitable for public consumption shirts (of which I only have two) or else I would've looked like a major fashion victim.  Don't laugh.  Forget I talked about myself and used the word "fashion" in the same sentence!

This is the second Kansas City celebrity I've met in the past year.  It's because I'm so incredibly awesome.  Jen might not be preparing a lemon souffle with sweetbreads and parsnip puree, but she is saying what we're all thinking. Thank goodness somebody is.


  1. Thank you for making me so skinny. It was fun meeting you and I'm sorry your tiramisu sucked.

  2. Uh, so, I just noticed that there is a mini chocolate peanut butter parfait on the menu from last night's restaurant. I feel like this is something that should have been better advertised. I need one (and by "one" I mean "four"). We need to go back.

    1. Perhaps they would refund me the money I spent on the tiramisu and give me a peanut butter parfait for free, kind of like the 200% guarantee at the Pricechopper.

  3. Yay! This is so cool! I think I've heard of Jen's blog, but haven't checked it out. And I'll go do that right now. :-)

  4. OMG! I had to check out her blog after your piece, and now I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face.
    "You are a big girl, I thought you might have a big menses."

  5. OMGSH... Jen is so crazy! I found her this Christmas with the Elf on a Shelf post...right when she was going viral. She said what I'd been thinking for two weeks! It was like, Thank God I'm not the only one!

    How cool that you met her!!!


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