Monday, June 18, 2012

Blogging Anniversary--my first million bucks...or do I mean million nunchucks?

Many of my blogging friends have just celebrated a year, too.  Some have created little Top Ten Lists outlining what they've learned.  Well, I've learned a few things, too.

1) Content is irrelevant if you give awesome stuff away.  I've been to some awful blogs written in glorified text-speak (LULZ galore!) with zillions of devoted fans because they give away embroidered pillows.  No one wanted my breast pump (and I'm still really surprised by that--who wouldn't want a device meant to milk me like a cow??), and I'm at a loss as to what my readers really want.  Y'all are just so mysterious.  I'm considering a cash giveaway, maybe one in which readers guess how much change I can find in the couch cushions and whoever is closest without going over gets it all.

Remember our first project at the house?

2) There are it-girls and wannabes in Bloglandia (thankfully, there aren't that many of them--most people are pretty sincere).  I'm neither, but is that surprising?  I don't enjoy making vignettes, I don't have inspirational quotes on the wall, and light gray is my least favorite color on the spectrum, even after sage green, which is one of the worst shades of boring ever.  And that Ektorp sofa, which is fine for others and even looks nice in many houses, will never have a place in my home.  I have paintings of strangers on my walls, which apparently is kind of odd in the land of design blogs.  I like to think I'm just emulating old money from the British Empire (haven't you seen all those portraits in Downton Abbey?), but maybe I'm just a weirdo. Okay, it's confirmed that I'm a weirdo.  Thankfully, I revel in that.

One of the few completed rooms in the house.

3) You have to spend money to make money.  The most successful bloggers have lots of resources. Sometimes, money. Sometimes, time. Often, both.  I have neither.  I don't even have grandparents around to help with the kids every now and then.

For now, this blog is just for fun, and I've loved building my teeny tiny fandom and getting all the private messages from readers telling me how much they enjoy reading about my family.  When I first started, I'd spend hours burning the midnight oil, posting to zillions of linky parties and coming up with awesome (and expensive) projects for us to complete, but I've slowed down a lot.  I piddle around on Twitter, but after a few days of posting, I forget about it for awhile.  Perhaps I should start up a Facebook fan page since all the cool kids have done it--we'll see about that.  These days, since I'm often blogging with two kids in my lap and another wailing, I figure getting a few posts a week out is enough and sharing at the parties every now and then will have to suffice.  The creation of an empire will just have to wait.

Funnest Halloween Ever.

4) There are some very nice people out there in the ether.  I knew that before this year, but I've loved getting to know some fellow bloggers.  This next year, I'm committed to spending a little more time networking with them.

A gay wedding in NYC!

5) I hate crafting.  It's just not my thing. Making wreaths from old sheet music?  Not for me.  Someone else can tackle that project. Luckily, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of people out there who will fill those shoes, tell me all about it, and try to sell it to me.  While they're doing that, I'll be at the flea market buying more paintings of people I don't know.

The lime green freezer everyone's talking about.

6) Home design Bloglandia is mainly populated by white women.  I'd like to see some more women of color out there.  Diversity keeps conformity at bay and usually leads to more innovation--in design, in theory, in practice.

7) I can't make it through a top ten list without smirking, laughing at myself for taking it too seriously, and eventually drawing a blank.  I think I'm done for now.

Protoplasm in the backyard!

Anyway, we plan to keep on truckin' this year here at The Kiefer Cottage. Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey, CONGRATS!!

    I love how real you are. It's what keeps me coming back. That, and I love your snark.

    Rock on Starr!

  2. Posts from your blog light up my days like the sun! I love that you provide my inner voyeur with a view into your life as well as memories of my own, dreams you have and dreams I had forgotten. You inspire and comfort me. This blog is the hot fudge brownie sundae of my FB newsfeed. Please keep me fat and carbed up for a long time to come. Because it is all about ME, but gives you two yet another reason to keep writing so well. Carry on.

  3. For the longest time I though it was DownTOWN Abbey, and I couldn't figure out why every single person who watched the show had a speech impediment.

    I can't write a better comment than Pete's, so I'm out.

  4. Hi there! I just wanted to say, you're not alone! Although I *am* crafty but mostly I feel what I like (old English cottages and 30's farmhouses) isn't very popular and so I'm destined to being a small blog. I'm okay with that, though. I can't compete with the bloggers who can buy whatever they want or need. I have two kids, no babysitting options (or grandparents), a part-time job and no money to do anything. And when I say no money, I don't mean, "I totally had to buy that $5,000,000 sink half price", I mean NO money. And I've decided I'm okay with that, too.

    So -- us broke people who like diffrent things gotta stick together! :-)


  5. I'm often amused by blogs that seem to constantly have giveaways. I rarely follow those blogs because their writing is often lousy and they post a bunch of other people's content. I've just found your blog and I enjoy your irreverent writing style.

    1. Thanks for the great compliment! I just got business cards and decided my job title would include "know-it-all", so I consider being called irreverent the equivalent of getting a seriously big gold star at school.


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