Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wild tomatoes

Just a couple of months ago...
A few tomato seedlings and the slime mold.
And today:

There were two zucchini plants on the front right, but one got dug up by a cat. The other is thriving. You see the one in the middle has gone crazy!

I'm thinking lasagna gardening, AKA sheet composting, really works.
The tomato vines have taken over the west side of the garden.

Baby squashes are ready to harvest.

The same variety of patty pan squash grew to two very different sizes.  Makes me wonder, has Ryan been peeing on one and not the other (fess up, hubband)?  Or perhaps it was that damn cat again.

See those leaves that don't look like squash?

While I was weeding I noticed a plant hidden in one of the squash giants.  It's toward the bottom of the photo.

It's a tomato vine. How did that happen? I didn't plant one there.  It's either wild (yeah, right) or some phantom pulled up a seedling and placed it here, at least 6 feet away from the others. I can't wait to find out what variety it is.  I know it's heirloom because the hybrids I bought are all intact.  

Drew says, "Mom, I moved the tomato vine. Or maybe I just pooped my pants!"

"Not me," says Katie.  "I'm too busy dressing myself for a night on the town."

"Yes, I did it!  I'm a Misfit today (a la Jem)!" Winslow admits.  "And yes, Drew does have a poop."

Perhaps it *was* one of the kids.  They look like they're up to no good, don't they?


  1. OMG! Your Garden looks super super great girl! WOW! And your kiddos- hello cuties!!! Loving your sweet blog, so happy to have found ya! :) Following your every post now lady! :)

  2. Why are your kids so flippin' cute?

    Also, I really would like some squash. But since it's hotter than...something rude...there's no way I'm turning the oven on. Blarg!

  3. I'm totally impressed by your mad gardening skillz...even if there is a crazy-ace cat that is trying to sabotage it (c: And adorably darling kiddos? Check.

  4. The crop looks GOOD! And your babies are cute :)


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