Thursday, September 22, 2011

Did you know...(and giveaway winners announced!)

...that you're not actually supposed to sit on the seat during a Spin (indoor cycling) class?  I learned that the hard way.

...that you can watch grass grow?  We'll post pics this weekend of our budding lawn. It's gorgeous!

...that step class is easier *without* the step? Who knew?

...that when you host a giveaway, maybe you're actually supposed to give something away rather than keep all 21 of your followers waiting anxiously?

You are in luck, my people.  YiaYia finally sent another package.  This one was a doozy.

Nutella!  and Oreos!

Yes.  The Oreos were opened and already more than half-eaten.  YiaYia was on to us and got in the joke.

Fantastic rice, delicious coffee.  And lentils, as usual.

An article from the Times-Picayune.

So we had a whopping three entries into our contest.  And no one guessed the contents of the package.


However, because we are benevolent lords of our manor, we decided to give each contestant a prize!  Here are the lucky winners and their respective prizes:

Pete, with her answer of: 1)    Leftover Easter candy

2)    Packages of expired or almost expired garden seeds

3)    Individual packages of Kleenex

4)    Assorted, mostly unrelated collection of leftover Christmas cards from the past 10 years

5)    A  pocket/purse-sized sewing or eyeglass repair kit

Pete gets...drumroll please...


Katie, with her answer of, I'm going to say.... a toilet seat. :)

Katie has three sons and a husband living with her.  We thought this was fitting.

And finally, Christie guessed, Well, I'm going to guess that you'll  be receiving some sort of preserve--maybe jam or pickles.  :-)

Now, before anyone gets their panties in a wad, keep in mind that Christie is getting CD's.  Bulky, early 90s CD's that may or may not work anymore.  

Also, she lives in Canada, and they're kind of crazy up there sometimes about food crossing the border, so I figured something non-food would be better.  They might, however, try to confiscate this because Beethoven tried to steal jobs from Canadians, so I hope it makes it there.

So that concludes our first giveaway.  Winners, send me your addresses, and I'll mail these out in the next few weeks.  


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  1. I hope it's really Turmeric, because I just ran out of that!


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