Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our New Bundle of Joy!

No, not that kind! I know I look like I've been expecting, but that's just beer and Pringles. Nossir, this bundle of joy is actually a ball of fur.

See the difference?
Okay, here's a slightly-better photo of the little guy.

Only slightly better. He's constantly on the move, and hard to catch!
We're calling him Mr. Rufus -- the "Mr" in his case being Mouser

"Rufus??" you might ask. "What kind of dumb name is that for a cat?"

Hushaface. It just means "readheaded," which he clearly is. Which -- with Starr and Winn -- means we officially have three of them in this household. They're taking over!

Rufus is about four months old, procured for no outlay from the non-English-speaking entity behind a third-party-written craigslist ad. As the place stunk like a wheelie bin full of baby diapers, complete with two constantly-barking dogs, and he's had no vet care (yet -- don't worry, we won't be neglectful), we're considering him a rescue.

After an initial "hiccup" that incited some swearing and stern pointing at the litterbox while he looked at me and asked "Mrow?", Rufus is fitting in great. He's been exceptionally patient with the kids, patiently enduring the grabbing, pulling, and general rough handling that kids are known for. So far, he hasn't bitten or scratched in anger, though Katie has discovered it is unwise to attempt to carry him without clothing on. Kitten claws are needle-sharp. 

He has also not hissed even once, even when Drew approaches (with an abundance of enthusiasm and not a lick of sense). Thankfully, Rufus chooses the wiser, more effective method of scrambling for the next room instead of sticking around to meet his foe on the battlecarpet.

Lastly, when the kids are in bed or just not around, and he calms down, he is a great lap buddy. After getting in your face to demand scritches for a few minutes, he settles down to purr contentedly and doze. He even spent most of the night sleeping at the foot of our bed without being a bother. 

All in all, he's shaping up to be a great cat. He even loves Indian food (although against our wishes)!

Nomming the dregs of Starr's magnificent Indian-inspired chili.

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