Monday, September 5, 2011


I have a problem.

My bedside table is overcome with books and periodicals.  I love to read.  The word *love* might not actually be strong enough.  I am Johnny 5's human female counterpart.  NEED INPUT.

I usually have several books going at a time.  Along with a bunch of mags.

And before you think, oh she thinks she's so smart!  She must certainly know it all!  Well...I'm smarter than your average bear, but nothing more.  And I don't know it all, even though I wish I did.  I use books and magazines to entertain me.  I prefer them to TV (although I love TV and movies, too).  And I read them accordingly. If you ask me about a book I read 6 months ago, and I can remember a few characters, that's a miracle.

I'm a big picture kind of gal--what's the theme, Mrs. Mansberg?--and I often failed those nit-picking objective multiple choice tests in high school.  Not because I'm a better or worse reader than you (you know you're judging me somehow.  I've argued with people who think I don't appreciate literature because I don't take my time. Ugh. Why criticize?  I'm reading!  It's added at least 2 points to my IQ in the past 20 years!).  Reading just brings me joy.  And feeds my need for input.

Anywho, back to my problem. I subscribe to lots of magazines, and my mother sends me more in her world famous care packages (she's sending one shortly--and we'll have at least one lucky winner for our Yia-yia give-away!).  Some of them come weekly.

The New Yorker is great, but it piles up like you wouldn't believe.

I've learned that my problem might be genetic.  Both of my parents (who are not married to each other anymore) read a lot.  My mother tends to keep her reading material in neat piles, but her coffee table is covered in periodicals.  My dad's bedside area is adorned like mine.  What can I say?  I read because it's in my blood!

Over the weekend, though, Ryan gave me something that could change my life.

Or at least my nightstand.  

Yes, I've got a Kindle.  Three books downloaded and ready.  

Will it solve all my problems?  Will it give me six-pack abs and an Einstein-like brain?  Will I finally be discovered by Oprah to be at the pinnacle of awesomeness?  

Probably not.  But it might help my book clutter issue. 

Or not.


  1. I am a magazine-aholic and I'm proud of it. Oh yeah and cookbooks,I heart cookbooks...well books in there.

  2. You are going to love it.. my night stand used to look something like yours.. try Lendle.. it is like a library for Kindle!


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