Saturday, September 24, 2011

My hero

Dear fans,

I recently stumbled upon the blog No Minimalist Here, and while I like to think I'm leaning more toward minimalism than not, I have found my new hero.  Sherry is frugal, witty, and has great taste.  Just like me.

Why is she my hero?  Because she has figured out the secret of happiness.

That is, she has figured out how to make chalk paint.  I'm not talking about chalkboard paint--that's inexpensive and available just about everywhere.  Chalk paint, on the other hand, is very expensive, and you can only get it online, or at a few resale places around the country.   It leaves a matte finish (kind of chalky--duh), and looks great on furniture. Since our decor budget is currently about $9.99/month, I was getting depressed that I'd have to bluff about projects on this blog until the day a long lost relative dies and leaves us her/his fortune.  And then I found Sherry.

You can find the recipe at her site.  Apparently, her post made some people very angry since, obviously, making your own stuff is dumb, right?  That makes me even more of a fan.  Sherry is a rebel.

Anyway, expect to see some paint projects around here.

Gorgeous, right?  It also doesn't go with anything in our house. Not even close.  But that's just an idea. I might design a room around it instead.

A lovely desk given to me by my brother Ryan. Yeah, you read that right. I married a Ryan, but I also have a brother named Ryan. No, they are not the same person.  Where do ya think I'm from?

These please-refinish-me side tables that Ryan scored from his work's classified ads.  By the way, isn't my husband quite awesome for getting these?  Without me even asking.  I'll have that boy trained soon enough!  

Stay tuned, peeps.


  1. Hi Starr! Thank you so much for the mention and kind words. I can't wait to see your painting projects and I hope you will link up to my Open House party. I am taking a break right now from painting an urn with the DIY chalk paint. I'll be posting it soon. I am now a follower. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  2. Hey Starr, I got a real kick out of Sherry's paint recipes--haven't tried one yet, but I want to.
    I've been tooling around your blog--keep it coming:)


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