Thursday, October 20, 2011

Country Paradise: Day 2

As I was cooking lentils for lunch the other day, I ended up splattering my favorite sweatshirt (Let's Go, Spar-tans!) with olive oil.  And then it hit me.

In order to be a country wife, since we're trying to turn our *home* into a *homestead*, I need an apron.  I have a few.

They just don't cut it.

So I'm going to have to purchase one. I know, I know, a good country wife would make her own.  But learning to sew is a project for another day.

Etsy can help me, though.

Double PERFECT CIRCLE Full Apron in Very Berry Garden Gnomes Print by Michael Miller
Doesn't everyone need a gnome apron?
Retro Apron Squirrels and Owls Vintage Inspired Full Apron - CHLOE
I love owls.  Find this apron HERE.
Flirty Chef Apron - Retro cocktails print with red and white polka dot trim.
Nice Kitchen, too.  Wonder if it comes with the Apron?

I Love Lucy  Apron.. Vintage Inspired Sweetheart Style with a handmade Heart..Navy Blue Fabric with white polka dots
It's called an I Love Lucy apron, but I also see touches of Raggedy Ann.

Cute Kitsch Apron / Red and Aqua Mix it up In Heather Bailey Pop Garden and Michael Miller Blue and Red

NErDY // NEON BLUE Rainbow Owl Apron// Neon Kitchen Accessory
You can find this one here.

Of course, my favorite, the nerdy one with the petals, is the most expensive.  

But would I really want one that costs a lot?  More importantly, shouldn't you just be a good steward of the Earth and use the ones you have?? Woah, let's not get too crazy. I agree that I don't want to get grease and food all over a custom apron. But I still want one.  

Which one do you like best?

This post is part of our Country Paradise series!


  1. 2, 4, and 5 are my faves! I have an apron, but don't wear it. It's a Hershey's chocolate one, and far too big for me. I'm short (like oompa loompa short?!) so store bought aprons all tend to be far too big.

  2. Hey that last one is mine! I understand about the price, i really hesitated to make it so expensive but it literally takes from scratch to finish around 3 days of non-stop work. Plus fabric all together for the project ends up costing anywhere from 25-30 bucks for just one apron! (but this actually makes its quite thick and sturdy in the long run!) SO, what I ended up doing is also making a sewing pattern so it was more accessible to more people. check it out and thanks for sharing! xoxo


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