Sunday, October 23, 2011

How do people find The Kiefer Cottage?

Recently, I've been taking notice of which sites drive traffic to The Kiefer Cottage.  The obvious choice is facebook.  I post the link to a recent entry, and the people who love me click on it.  Those who don't love me, well, they either click on it sometimes so they can smugly congratulate themselves on their far superior circumstances or so they can find more reasons to dislike me.  Either one works.  However, I'd prefer that even more enemies visit--a person without enemies must not stand for anything!

Some folks click on the links I post at linky parties on other blogs.  My posts, bursting forth from my irreverent genius, might seem a tad disrespectful to other blog-world royalty, so I'm not surprised when folks read, and then appear to never return.  I'm okay with that, too, because I've been to plenty of sites that bore the bejeezus out of me, or contain too many typos or poorly written free verse.  No reason to be butt-hurt when someone thinks the same about my site.

Others use Google to pop on over to visit.  I love reading the search terms (because blogger will tell you).  Some highlights:

1) light with pull down poker (guess the dining room post got picked up on the search)
2) painted 1980s fake wood paneling (do I even need to mention which posts)
3) anyone know about the house that looks like a castle

Yes that last one is weird. Turns out there is a house built to look like a castle in Kiefer, Oklahoma.  So that's how this poor soul ended up here on The Kiefer Cottage.  I do admire (fear?) some searchers' stamina because our blog comes up on like the 10th page or later of a google search for some of the stranger terms. I know that because I checked!

I do have a small bone to pick with some of you, though. Some google "kiefer cottage" or some other variation like "the kiefer cottage" or "the kiefer cottage blogspot".

No big deal.  But at least one person has typed "the keifer cottage".  I won't call for a public flogging, but next time you can't remember how our name is spelled, remember that guy from 24, Kiefer Sutherland.  Of course, Google will correct your spelling anyway, but it hurts Ryan's feelings.  Almost as much as the people who insist on calling him Brian.

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  1. It's entirely possible that the spelling loser was me! Although, I more often just type thek... in my address bar and it remembers! Usually I come from Google Reader, though.


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